Vivi Update

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! We’re in full holiday-prep mode over here, with pie dough chilling, multiple cranberry sauces simmering, and decorating projects underway.

Vivienne just came home from school with a paper turkey adorned with words of thanks, among them: comfy bed and “Hugh Bear.” The simplicity of her gratitude is always a good dose of perspective.

She is certainly at the top of my gratitude list, and lately, I’ve been particularly grateful for her health. This time last year, Vivi had just been diagnosed with Epilepsy, and we were overwhelmed with new information, new medication, new limitations, and new fears to face.

Thankfully, the months that followed have been relatively smooth, with just a few medication bumps along the way.

As some of you know, we had a scare last month that landed her back at Children’s Hospital, but what they initially believed to be seizure-related now seems more likely to have been an irregular night terror. Add those to list of things to read up on!

All this to say: one year seizure-free. She’s safe. She’s her full, vibrant, precocious self, and I’m filled with equal measures of gratitude and deep relief. We’re trying to remember that she’s God’s own child, given to us to shepherd into the world. And for that, we’re thankful, too.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Hugh and Vivi, out in Boston after a good follow-up at Children’s Hospital

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