A Morning Off

The last few weeks feel a bit like a blur of work. We’re in the midst of selling our house, so all the projects, paperwork, and anxiety that go along with that have been piled right onto our already full plates.  It’s nose to the grind time, that’s for sure!

Ryan returned from a trip this morning and suggested, “Hey, why don’t you take a break and go do something fun?”  Good man!

So I did… and I couldn’t believe how much it felt like cutting school.


Vivienne was at camp, so Hugh and I went over to Lynch Park. I popped him in the jogger for a long walk around the Cove, then we spread out on the beach for a picnic lunch, sand castles, and swimming.

He was so delighted to have my undivided attention as we swam, clutching my hands, grinning, shrieking with joy, churning up a small wake with his little feet as I swirled him around.

On the beach, he was all business. He directed me to fill his buckets with water, dug in the sand, amassed a collection of sticks and shells and rocks, all while muttering continually to himself, “Hughey dig sand. Hughey poah watah. I yike dis stick.”


I felt like I was really watching him in a way I haven’t made time for lately. Toddlers are such industrious creatures! I’ve been so focused on my own agenda, I haven’t enjoyed his, and I think it made us both enormously happy to follow his lead.

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